What is Dolby Atmos?

It is a sound format that delivers a supported soundtrack to the conventional surround speakers dotted around the cinema or room at home, including the subwoofer(s), and also to speakers in the ceiling to give extra height to the soundscape.

Dolby Atmos Benefits

  • Delivers a powerful and dramatic new cinema-sound listening experience
  • Allows sounds to move around the theatre to create dynamic effects
  • Reproduces a natural and lifelike audio experience that perfectly matches the story
  • Adds overhead speakers for the most realistic effects you've ever heard
  • Reflects the artist's original intent, regardless of theatre setup
  • Employs up to 64 speakers to heighten the realism and impact of every scene

What is Auro 3D?

Auro-3D is an immersive 3D audio format. It is designed along three layers of sound (surround, height and overhead ceiling), building on the single horizontal layer used in the 5.1 sound format. Auro-3D creates a spatial sound field by adding a height layer around the audience on top of the traditional 2D surround sound system. This additional layer reveals both localized sounds and height reflections complementing the sounds that exist in the lower surround layer. The height information that is captured during recording is mixed into a standard 5.1 surround PCM carrier, and during playback the Auro-3D decoder extracts the originally recorded height channels from this stream.
The Auro-3D technology consists of the Auro-3D Engine and a Creative Tool Suite. The engine comprises the Auro-Codec and the Auro-Matic upmixing algorithm to convert legacy content into the Auro-3D format. The Creative Tool Suite is a set of plugins that can be used to create native immersive 3D audio content. Auro-3D is fully compatible with all existing production processes and theatre systems, and the format also offers a host of compatibility features such as Single Inventory Distribution (multiple formats are combined in one PCM carrier) and full DCI compliancy.

Auro 11.1

Auro 11.1 is one of the cinematic speaker layouts of the Auro-3D format. The Auro 11.1 cinema sound format adds two additional layers of sound to the existing 5.1 surround sound layer. The Auro 11.1 format incorporates a unique height and overhead channel which allow for natural lifelike sound with sound waves coming from every direction, just like they do in real life. In this way, Auro 11.1 creates the most realistic and natural immersive audio experience.